Check back often to learn more about the Corban Manor Inn, the historic Summit Avenue area, and all there is to experience in St. Paul, Minnesota!

Corban Manor Inn is just 5 blocks from the Xcel Energy Center!

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Xcel Energy Center

The Xcel Energy Center is just 5 blocks from the Corban Manor Inn. Its an easy walk there, being slightly down hill and a super easy Uber ride back.

There are so many amazing events at the Xcel Center.

Like: The Wild-Hockey,The Lynx, New Kids On The Block-June 14th, Iron Maiden-June 16th and Queen + Adam Lambert-July 14thEarth, Wind & Fire and CHIC ft. Nile Rodgers-July 27th,

There are TONS of other events coming! Experience St Paul and check out Visit St Paul for our many, many events throughout summer!

Stay at the Corban Manor Inn and Enjoy St Paul!

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When You Stay @ Corban Manor Inn You’ll Find Many Delights

When You Stay @ Corban Manor Inn You’ll Find Many Delights…like Rosemary, a local artist.

Our Beautiful Neighborhood is filled with stunning architecture and fabulous people. With a very short stroll you’ll find yourself at wonderful restaurants and shops.

On your stroll you may see artists painting. Artists, like Rosemary whom we found on Maiden Lane,  just steps outside our door at the Inn. Maiden Lane used to be an alley, but as the many of the carriage houses are residences now and/or have flats in them the “alley” is a recognized street-Maiden Lane.

Rosemary  is taking classes at the Dan Mackerman Studio and Maiden Lane-with the Cathedral peeking out above the trees-was finding its way onto her canvas.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do here from tours of the James Hill Mansion to tours of the Cathedral, great Theaters like the Ordway & Park Square, baseball, biking, long delightful strolls and wonderful restaurants and pubs to relax in. Come stay with us and escape to St Paul. Check out for the many, many festivals going on and things to see and do!

Love our local Artists!
Rosemary is taking lessons from the Dan Mackerman Studio
Corban Manor Inn                                                             Stay in Quiet, Private, Elegance

We look forward to your stay with us at Corban Manor Inn, it is a luxury setting in a beautiful neighborhood with fabulous restaurants and things to do and see.


Cory & Pam-Inn Keepers

The German American Institute is just 1 block from the Corban Manor Inn! Celebrate Oktoberfest with us!

Gracious & Comfortable
Corban Manor Inn     Quiet, Private, Elegance

Coming to St Paul? Check out Visit St Paul for great events. Watch for the great events held at the German Institute, from weddings to fabulous festivals with excellent brats and beer. This year they are hosting our Oktoberfest at the old Schmidt Brewery (September 16th-18th). The German Institute is less than 1 block from the Corban Manor Inn. Ever wanted to learn German? If so you can learn at the German Institute (go figure). We have friends that have been learning and are getting quite proficient at speaking German.

When you stay with us you are able to walk out the door and enjoy a beautiful stroll through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. The architecture and grace of the Victorian Mansions are spellbinding. They are breathtaking examples of amazing proportions. The beautiful gardens and views will make for a wonderful time. Also, the convenience of shops and restaurants make it easy and enjoyable as you spend your day on your time.

With us you are staying in comfortable luxuryQuiet, Private, Elegance.

Great Neighbors, Great Fun
German Institute

You’ll Love Your Stay @ Corban Manor Inn

Quiet, Private, Elegance @ Corban Manor Inn

When you stay with us at Corban Manor Inn there are many exciting and interesting things to see and do, all within just a few blocks. From fabulous restaurants and bars, breweries and of course the Xcel Energy Center with it’s endless shows to see. When you step out for a walk and take in the fabulous Victorian Mansions with their beautiful architecture you may run across Wally, the Ice cream guy. He’s waiting for you with his smile and his Dream cycles. When was the last time you had a Dreamcycle?

Leprechaun’s Dreamcycle



Stay at Corban Manor Inn (B&B) and have some Great Food at Emmett’s-a local Irish Pub-Great Beer, Awesome Food!

Stay @ Corban Manor Inn and try some of the great food our friends at Emmett’s Irish Public House have.

From Mulligan Stew to Corn Beef and Cabbage and of course their amazing Bangers and Mash-Phenomenal! Of course you can do like myself and have a Beer (or 2) with chips and Malted Vinegar, I love it!

Emmett’s is a family run Pub by people with a love of our area and great taste in food.

Connected to the Pub is another restaurant of theirs called Dixie’s with Great Southern Cooking!

However, if you’re in the mood for some fun, they also have a great Japanese restaurant called Saji-Ya.

When You want to stay in St Paul, stay in the heart of it at Corban Manor Inn and enjoy the wonderful restaurants within blocks of the Inn.

Check out our other blogs for events as well as Visit St Paul’s Website for the amazing events we have coming up. St Paul is the New, Cool Place to Be!

Check us out at our Website


Cory & Pam, Inn Keepers

Emmett’s Public House With Amazing Food and Cold Beer!

The Corban Manor Inn is only 5 blocks from the Xcel Energy Center!



Corban Manor Inn Quiet Private Elegance

The Xcel Energy Center is just 5 blocks from the Corban Manor Inn. Its an easy walk there, being slightly down hill and a super easy

Uber ride back.

There are so many amazing events at the Xcel Center.

Like: The Wild-Hockey,The Lynx, Hall & Oats and Tears For Fears, May 11th, Neil Diamond, May 24th, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, June 3rd, New Kids On The Block, June 14th, Iron Maiden, June 16th and Queen + Adam Lambert, July 14th.

There are TONS of other events coming! Experience St Paul and check out Visit St Paul for our many, many events throughout summer!

Stay at the Corban Manor Inn and Enjoy St Paul!


The Xcel Energy Center





From the Corban Manor Inn in St Paul MN there is a lot to Experience like Fly Over America at the Mall of America MOA

Experience St Paul. Within just minutes from the Corban Manor Inn there are lots of great and fun things to Experience, like a new one for us, called Fly Over America. Wow! It is Amazing and Astonishing how incredible it is.

You have got to try it. It is at the Mall of America (MOA).

You have the air going by you and the spray of mist from fog, water and snow. You truly feel like you are flying. It is totally cool.

Come visit us at the Corban Manor Inn and Experience St Paul!

           We look forward to meeting you

                   Cheers! Cory & Pam


St. Paul Visitors, take note that Minnesota has been voted the most “Bike Friendly State in the U.S.”   This is due in part to the sheer number of off street bike trails, bike lanes and scenic beauty.    St. Paul offers cyclists the chance to explore the full length of Summit Avenue (5 miles) which offers the longest stretch of “intact Victorian Architecture in the U.S.”  Spring is a beautiful time to go cruising.

Stay at the newly renovated boutique B&B, the Corban Manor Inn, with secure bike space provided and located just a few doors from Summit Avenue.   Head out and peddle  to the Mississippi River.    Ride past the James J. Hill House (tours available), the Governor’s mansion and the former home of F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Cycle to the landmark St. Paul Cathedral which is open for passerby’s to peak inside to marvel at the grandeur of this European styled Cathedral.

If you did not bring a bike, but the spirit of the ride overtakes you, just ask the proprietors at the Corban Manor Inn where to rent bikes, including St. Paul’s bike sharing system.  Combine Minneapolis and St. Paul, otherwise known as the Twin Cities, to increase the length of your ride.  Consider taking the newly opened biking trail from St. Paul to the quaint river town of historic Stillwater, MN, or ride over to the Como Park area for lake riding and beautiful vistas.  Learn more.

St Paul, Relax and Explore Wines with Your Friends! These are Some We had @ St Paul’s University Club’s Wine Club

Wine is like Traveling, It is Representative of the Whole World!
Wine Tastings and Friends, the Perfect Evening! Wines Chosen From The University Club’s Wine Club

The owners at Corban Manor Inn, St Paul MN love to explore Wines, as Chairs of the University Club‘s Wine Club, we report on the Wines and share the knowledge and the love of the vine with you.

As winter is finally coming to an end consider picking up one or two of the Wines we’ve had the chance to try at the University Club. It’s a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The last couple of months and/or for a large part of this winter our Wine club has been wowed by fabulous Wines and food pairings from the Iberian Peninsula.

In February our hosts brought us phenomenal Wines from Portugal. We started off with a couple of Vinho Verde Wines: Twin Vines & Quinta De Raza-always love Vinho Verdes. We progressed into the Reds, with Cabriz, Jose De Sousa and Vale Do Bomfim Douro. Still staying with the Reds, but changing gears a bit with the comparisons we tried Duas Quintas & Alambre Moscatel. In bringing the evening to its climax it was finished with Dueling Ports, both Ruby & Tawny-fabulous!

What amazing fun not only to compare and taste wonderful Wines, but to compare Ports as well.

These Wine are very affordable and went directly on our shopping list, excellent Wines to share with friends. Do try it, you’ll love it!

As February inevitably rolls into March, our hosts in March brought us wonderful Wines and Tapas from Spain.

We started out with a Cava most are familiar with, Freizenet, Cordon Negro, always enjoyable. Starting with the Wines, our white Wine of the evening was delicious, Xarmant Txacolina. The Reds were absolutely fabulous as well and we recommend you trying them. We had the next four in 2 sets of side by side tastings. In the first set we had Marques de Riscal (Rioja Reserva) and Marques de Caceres (Rioja Reserva) and in the second Les Crestes (Priorat) and Les Terrasses (Priorat). All of which were wonderful. It is truly amazing the variety of flavors you can distinguish between two Wines that are from different vineyards even having the same grape & region.

We finished off the evening with an incredibly interesting dessert Wine, Pedro Ximemez. It finished off the evening with panache.

With all of the incredible dessert Wines there are, please finish your evenings with panache!


Cory Biladeau

Corban Manor Inn


“Girls Day Out on Grand” is a grand opportunity for small businesses and restaurants along the famed Grand Avenue in Saint Paul to show case their businesses and offer specials and food samples.  This event is hosted the 3rd Thursday of every month.  March 16th is “Spring Fling.” and April 20th is “Celebrating Mom.”   Flyers outlining participating businesses will be available at Chicos or Three Sisters Boutique.     Plan to overnight at the beautiful Corban Manor Inn B&B, walking distance from Grand Ave and all the fun.   The Corban Manor Inn features private well-appointed guestsrooms as well as a two bedroom apartment, perfect for a girlfriends getaway.  During the “Girls Day Out on Grand” event the Corban Manor Inn B&B is offering 15% off a future stay coupon, plus the chance to win a 25% discount on a two night stay.      Learn more: