St Paul, Relax and Explore Wines with Your Friends! These are Some We had @ St Paul’s University Club’s Wine Club

Wine is like Traveling, It is Representative of the Whole World!
Wine Tastings and Friends, the Perfect Evening! Wines Chosen From The University Club’s Wine Club

The owners at Corban Manor Inn, St Paul MN love to explore Wines, as Chairs of the University Club‘s Wine Club, we report on the Wines and share the knowledge and the love of the vine with you.

As winter is finally coming to an end consider picking up one or two of the Wines we’ve had the chance to try at the University Club. It’s a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The last couple of months and/or for a large part of this winter our Wine club has been wowed by fabulous Wines and food pairings from the Iberian Peninsula.

In February our hosts brought us phenomenal Wines from Portugal. We started off with a couple of Vinho Verde Wines: Twin Vines & Quinta De Raza-always love Vinho Verdes. We progressed into the Reds, with Cabriz, Jose De Sousa and Vale Do Bomfim Douro. Still staying with the Reds, but changing gears a bit with the comparisons we tried Duas Quintas & Alambre Moscatel. In bringing the evening to its climax it was finished with Dueling Ports, both Ruby & Tawny-fabulous!

What amazing fun not only to compare and taste wonderful Wines, but to compare Ports as well.

These Wine are very affordable and went directly on our shopping list, excellent Wines to share with friends. Do try it, you’ll love it!

As February inevitably rolls into March, our hosts in March brought us wonderful Wines and Tapas from Spain.

We started out with a Cava most are familiar with, Freizenet, Cordon Negro, always enjoyable. Starting with the Wines, our white Wine of the evening was delicious, Xarmant Txacolina. The Reds were absolutely fabulous as well and we recommend you trying them. We had the next four in 2 sets of side by side tastings. In the first set we had Marques de Riscal (Rioja Reserva) and Marques de Caceres (Rioja Reserva) and in the second Les Crestes (Priorat) and Les Terrasses (Priorat). All of which were wonderful. It is truly amazing the variety of flavors you can distinguish between two Wines that are from different vineyards even having the same grape & region.

We finished off the evening with an incredibly interesting dessert Wine, Pedro Ximemez. It finished off the evening with panache.

With all of the incredible dessert Wines there are, please finish your evenings with panache!


Cory Biladeau

Corban Manor Inn