When You Stay @ Corban Manor Inn You’ll Find Many Delights

When You Stay @ Corban Manor Inn You’ll Find Many Delights…like Rosemary, a local artist.

Our Beautiful Neighborhood is filled with stunning architecture and fabulous people. With a very short stroll you’ll find yourself at wonderful restaurants and shops.

On your stroll you may see artists painting. Artists, like Rosemary whom we found on Maiden Lane,  just steps outside our door at the Inn. Maiden Lane used to be an alley, but as the many of the carriage houses are residences now and/or have flats in them the “alley” is a recognized street-Maiden Lane.

Rosemary  is taking classes at the Dan Mackerman Studio and Maiden Lane-with the Cathedral peeking out above the trees-was finding its way onto her canvas.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do here from tours of the James Hill Mansion to tours of the Cathedral, great Theaters like the Ordway & Park Square, baseball, biking, long delightful strolls and wonderful restaurants and pubs to relax in. Come stay with us and escape to St Paul. Check out visitstpaul.com for the many, many festivals going on and things to see and do!

Love our local Artists!
Rosemary is taking lessons from the Dan Mackerman Studio
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We look forward to your stay with us at Corban Manor Inn, it is a luxury setting in a beautiful neighborhood with fabulous restaurants and things to do and see.


Cory & Pam-Inn Keepers